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Welcome to Parlor Hair & Makeup

We are a boutique style salon specialising in timeless beauty trends & custom hair extensions

Parlor Hair and Makeup Studio is proud to be a smaller boutique style salon that specializes in elegant & timeless beauty trends.  Think Hollywood starlets, those women have the types of looks that we excel in creating.

Our clients are given a personal experience at each and every visit. All services are custom tailored to you, there is no one size fits all service here. We are firm believers in maintaining hair health both during and after your services. Our product line up consists of some of the most sought after brands on the market today. Brands that deliver consistent and reliable results while remanning sustainable & of the highest quality.

Being that we are a small shop with limited chairs all stylists are carefully chosen based on their unique talents, skill level and perhaps most importantly, their ability to genuinely care for each client. We work as a team to create a perfect mix of old school salon personality with the most advanced product lines on the market today for a salon experience that's the best of both worlds.


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